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Michelle Ha

Name: Michelle Ha

Year and Program: 3A Biomedical Sciences

Position in the premed club: Co-President

Why are you interested in medicine/Why do you want to be a doctor? I’m interested in medicine because it is constantly changing and provides different methods to treat conditions. I have always enjoyed helping others and with my passion for the sciences, I wanted to be more than just medicine and be there for those through all walks of life.

Co-op/work/volunteer experience:: I was a research volunteer in Dr. Bohls lab here at the university, I currently volunteer at Grand River Hospital, Science Society, Onyx Urgent Care and I TA BIOL 130L.

If you were to give advice to other pre-med students, what would it be?
Follow your passion and stick with it. Pre-med is not easy and I can understand that at times it seems overwhelming to even handle, but what I’ve learned that you have to treat pre-med as a marathon and not just a sprint. After all, you can’t become a doctor overnight.

Fun Fact: I have travelled to 4 countries over a span of 3 and half weeks!