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Leann Noronha

Name: Leeann Noronha

Year and Program: First Year, Health Studies

Position in the premed club: First year Representative

Why are you interested in medicine/Why do you want to be a doctor?
: I think my main motivation for pursuing a career in health stems from all my experience dealing with the health care system after being diagnosed with type one diabetes. it was during those first few harrowing weeks in the hospital during a time in which I was terrified with the prospect of my new life with diabetes that I got my first taste of the health care system. After viewing these doctors, nurses and social workers in action that I discovered just how important the health care team is in making one accustomed to living with an illness. I’m interested in a career in medicine because one day I want to be able to help others cope with their illness the same way my support team helped me when I was sick.

Co-op and volunteer experience: During the past summer I volunteered with an organization called Street Patrol in which we prepared and handed out sandwiches, drinks and other small snacks to the homeless living on the streets of downtown Toronto. I don’t know if this example is a “cool” experience per say. However it was one of my favorite volunteering experiences as having face to face interaction with a lot of these individuals really changed my perspective on how privileged I really am. Hearing about poverty in the news and viewing it first hand are two completely different things. This experience with Street patrol really made me rethink my priorities and how I take a lot of things for granted.

If you were to give advice to other pre-med students, what would it be?: Start preparing early! The route to medical school is really hectic therefore I would recommend taking advantage of all the resources (like the premed club 😉 ) UW offers as soon as you can so you can be ahead of the game when the application process starts.

Fun fact: I have perfect pitch and can play the piano, ukulele, clarinet and trombone.