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Arita Alija

Arita Alija

December 30, 2016 1:20 PMComments are Disabled

Name: Arita Alija

Year and Program: 5th year Honours Biomedical Science (Medical Physiology + Classical studies minors)

Position in the premed club: Secretary

Why are you interested in medicine/Why do you want to be a doctor?:
I’ve always thought medicine was an incredibly fascinating subject as a whole, encompassing multiple areas of science such as physiology and biochemistry. But i think the most powerful thing that draws me to medicine is that my expertise and knowledge can make a real impact in my community.

Co-op/work/volunteer experience:
I’ve had the opportunity to shadow a pediatric rheumatologist, and create an educational module to raise awareness about chronic inflammatory diseases of childhood.

If you were to give advice to other pre-med students, what would it be?:
Everyone’s path to medical school will be different. Don’t focus too much on what other people are doing- focus on bettering yourself and doing what you love.

Fun fact: Dogs are my favourite animals. My family has a German Shepherd named Max!

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