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Analyssa Cardenas

Analyssa Cardenas

February 28, 2018 1:33 PMComments are Disabled

Position: Webmaster

Program: 4B Honours Kinesiology

Why do you want to be a doctor/Why are you interested in medicine?: I think medicine and health are so important because it’s at the basis of everything that we are capable of as human beings. Being able to enable someone and promote the highest quality of life is something that I’m really passionate about. Being able to help others is one of the most rewarding thing that someone can do!
Co-op/work/volunteer experience: I’ve completed two of my five co-op terms internationally. In my second year, I did biomechanics research at the Orthopaedics Institute at Soochow University in China. This past summer I worked at a medical informatics start-up in Amsterdam!

If you were to give advice to other pre-med students, what would it be? Don’t stress too much! Make time for yourself and your health. School and medical school applications can definitely be stressful, but take time to take care of yourself first.

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